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Our Signature Design! Created by our General Manager!


What is an Accent Wall?

An accent wall is simply one that is a different color, or that has a different design, from all the other walls in a room. The accent wall is considered as interior design.

Can any wall be turned into an Accent Wall?

Yes! However, here at Complex we advise our clients that it's best to work with a blank wall without a door or windows, or a wall that already has a focal point, such as a glamorous, upholstered headboard, a unique architectural element, a built-in fireplace (you can create a faux fireplace) or a decorative canvas.

How to Choose Paint for an Accent Wall?

The color you choose is really up to you and your home's style. However, here at Complex we meet with customer to help sketch a design and select colors based on the customer's style or theme.

  • Use a dark color to make a special painting stand out.

  • For a bold look, go with bright hues on an accent wall, such as vivid orange, brilliant yellow or another electric paint color.

  • Paint your accent wall with tone-on-tone paints, which are simply paints in different shades of the same color, to create an unusual ombre wall.

  • If your style is modern or minimalistic, choose a deep, jewel-tone wall in a room with three other white walls.

  • Don’t be afraid to mix primary colors. 

  • If you’re creating an accent wall and there’s an overly bright window on the other side of the room, use a dark paint color to absorb some of the light. If the room is too dim or dark, use white or another pale color on the accent wall to help reflect light.

Does Complex Painting create canvases?

Absolutely! Please complete the booking form and schedule a zoom or in-person consultation. Domestic shipping is available!

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